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seeing the world and doing a lot of fun stuff. >> but the posts stopped on january 25th in peru. that's the last time anyone has heard from them. a bus security camera reportedly captured images of the pair getting off a bus and into a taxi in lima. >> i really am deeply concerned about her situation. >> reporter: the owner of the bike shop where neils worked for two years says everyone who knows the couple is very wore yesterday. especially since the state department issued a travel warning this month ant a group planning to kidnap american tourists in the peru region. >> i'm extremely concerned. i'm very fearful that something bad has happened and it's not likely that -- it's not as likely that they're just out away from internet access on an excursion. they had been using skype and
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facebook to stay in contact and that contact has ceased. >> reporter: he's made up flyers that he's posting on facebook and with online travel groups. hoe just wants to know his friend and her boyfriend are safe. >> i want them to both know that we're looking for them and we want them to contact us and reach out to us and tell us that they're okay and with want them to be safe. >> reporter: the couple's family is reportedly in contact with authorities in peru and with the u.s. embassy there. friends and family are right now trying to come up with a game plan. but tonight, they're feeling pretty hopeless. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. new details tonight in the case of three people killed on a las vegas strip this week. one of them an oakland rapper. police are naming amare harris as the gunman. his arrest history includes
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kidnapping, robbery and sexual assault. police released this picture of a black range rover at an apartment complex. harris opened fire from the suv as he and kenny cherry drove down the boulevard. after cherry was shot, his car crashed into a taxi that exploded killing the driver and passenger. police in oakland are looking for a group of teenagers who shot at an ac transit bus near 55th avenue and international boulevard. one of four teenagers who had just gotten off the bus opened fire. about a half dozen rounds hit the bus, leaving two passengers with minor cuts. a successful buyback gun program.
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kimberly terry is live with more on the story. >> reporter: terry, the organizers of the vent had to turn people away. people who wanted to turn in their guns for cash. the cash that was given out today was provided entirely by private donations. it was the sandy hook elementary tragedy in newtown, connecticut, 3,000 miles away that struck the hearts of two bay area fathers. >> like all adults, i was struck by the tragedy and struggled how to respond and felt the best thing i could do was try to prevent a similar tragedy happening locally. >> reporter: they created the nonprofit protect our children and through donations raised $52,000 for today's gun buyback program. >> we were able to collect 355 firearms in total in two hours. >> reporter: police worked together to collect the guns in
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exchange for cash. >> that included 111 handguns, 227 rifles or shotguns, and 11 assault weapons. >> i'll sleep better at night knowing there's 400 fewer guns near my home. >> got a couple of kids and don't have any use for them. figured this would be the best way to safely get rid of them. >> just a weapon my father had when he passed away in 2004. i have no use for it. >> reporter: a similar buyback program was held recently which 680 guns were handed in. >> the fact that three weeks later we've got this many guns coming in suggests to us that there is a real demand for people in the community to have a way of disposing of these guns. and we're going to have to
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create more opportunities for it, not just in this region but eye cross the country. >> reporter: and if you're wondering how much people got today for their guns, it was about $100 for a hand gun, $200 for a rifle, $300 for an assault weapon. and the next gun buyback is at the santa clara county fair grounds scheduled for march 3. kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. bay area rapper mc hammer is claiming his arrest earlier this week was the result of racial profiling. he was booked on charges, including resisting an officer. hammer claimed today that it all started when "a chubby elvis looking dude," referring to the police officer, was tapping on my car window. i rolled down the window and said, are you on parole or probation? mc hammer is best known for his
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hits "you can't touch this." two men are being treated tonight for serious burns after a blast in a warehouse in san jose. the fire captain says three men were working on an electrical unit in the back of the building when it exploded, causing that fire. >> individuals were working on connecting an electrical panel to the main power source. and some type of arc happened. both individuals were severely burned. they caught on fire actually, and had to retreat for safety. >> both men suffered second to third degree burns to more than 30% of their bodies and listed in critical condition. two scuba divers are dead and investigators are working to figure out what went wrong. the man and woman were pulled from the water yesterday at a
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popular diving area south of caramel. president jimmy carter is scheduled to speak in san francisco tomorrow. the title of the program is president jimmy carter, challenges of a superpower. he faced an energy crisis and troubled relationship with iran during his term from 1977 to 1981. the event is being held at on van es, and tickets are still available. oh, yeah, fireworks galore. this is one of the only nighttime parades in the country. every single one of the floats is illuminated, many featuring the theme of this year's zodiac sign, the snake. >> it was awesome. this is exciting. this is one of the best things
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to do on a night like tonight. the air is cold, a lot of people around. it a es going to be a great parade. >> the parade zigzagged through downtown and ended in chinatown where 600,000 firecrackers were set off. the parade attracts close to 1 million people along the route. >> perfect night for it. coming up next, it cleared the bench. the punch that started a big brawl at a college baseball game in sacramento. also -- >> and a terrible crash coming to the finish. >> it's not the dramatic finish they envisioned. we'll show you the crash that injured dozens of nascar fans today. what inspired more than a thousand of people to take the plunge into an ice cold body of water? we'll tell you. >> here's a preview of your morning forecast. clear skies, 30s and 40s tomorrow morning. will there be any rain in sight
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as we wrap up february? that's when we come right back in the forecast.
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dozens of race fans were injured today after a terrifying crash on the final lap at the daytona speedway. the crash sent debris, including an engine, into the stands. >> who's going to get here first? >> coming out of the final turn in the nationwide series race in daytona, drivers jockeying for position started the clogs, that sent number 22 airborne. his car went into the cash
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fence, designed to catch the crowd. debris from the car, including tires and the engine, flew into the grandstand where fans were seated to watch the race. >> we responded appropriately according to protocols and had emergency medical personnel immediately. >> they treated 14 at the infield care center, 14 others were transported to hospitals. >> i've been to races several years and never seen anything like it. >> i know it's a lot of people hurt out there. and i'm just rooting for them. >> safety officials are at the scene. >> reporter: kyle larson's number 32 car was left in pieces. the entire front end sheered off by the collision. all of the drivers involved in the jaw-dropping crash walked away unharmed. >> we've seen a lot of big ones here, but never anything like that. that's one of those times when i wish i didn't have a rear-view
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mirror. >> speedway workers worked into the night to repair the damage. >> we're confident we'll be ready for tomorrow's event. >> in preparation for sunday's running of the daytona 500. this was the third time in four years the track needed major repairs on daytona 500 weekend. crews are preparing for the large crowd with 2,000 security cameras installed, many focused on the vatican. police officers and paramedic also be stationed around st. peter's square. the pope perhaps to retire on thursday, then church cardinals will gather to choose the next pope. this is the first time in 600 years a pope has resigned from the position. in six days, unless a budget deal is reached, a massive round of automatic government spending cut also go into effect. governors gathered in
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washington, d.c. today as part of their meeting and both sides complain nad the stalemate could hurt the economy on the state and local levels. the administration is warning 10,000 teachers could be laid off, more than 1,000 fbi agents could go, and 2100 food inspectionss would take place, too. >> this is something nobody wants. it's not a balanced, thoughtful compromise. >> polls show a majority of americans support the president's plan to avoid the sequester through new taxes and spending cuts. but republicans are demanding the deal should be based on spending cuts. a long awaited opening of a library today that was completed and ready to go three years ago. hundreds of people came out this afternoon for the grand opening of the bascome library and medical center. it was in 2000 that a bond measure was approved to expand
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14 libraries and build six more. officials said they didn't have the money to operate and maintain the new one since now. >> this is so exciting. we've been waiting so long for the gym and library to open. yeah, it's just what a wonderful location. >> three other new libraries have been mothballed. city leaders say there isn't enough money to operate them. people braved the cold in costumes this morning. >> more than 1,000 people took place in the polar plunge in support of the special olympics. the funds raised will help provide one full season of sports instruction and competition for special olympics athletes. it looked like they had a good time despite the cold water. >> a chilly san francisco right now.
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rob mayeda is here. rob, not a good night for a dip in the water. >> i would say not. it's interesting our air temperatures are running cooler than the water temperatures around the inner bay, which happen to be in the low 50s. now down to 48 in san francisco. 30s around napa valley, but the winds in fairfield and liver more have been keeping our temperatures up. the hill top locations tonight will be staying in the 40s but for our wind sheltered valleys, be prepared for 30s tomorrow morning. dry weather continues. a system that brought us light rain early in the morning has moved off towards the rockies with high pressure building in behind it. that cranked up the winds and we'll see less of that tomorrow. notice the clearing. this is the blocking high starting to reassert itself. so storms continue to stay off to the north.
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looks like we'll stay cloud free tonight through tomorrow morning, maybe towards sunset tomorrow. around this time tomorrow night, high clouds spilling in from the north. just a slight cooldown heading into monday. temperatures in the low to mid 60s around the santa clara valley. close to 65 degrees in pleasanton. we should see low 60s. today's highs were mainly in the 50s. tomorrow, we'll warm up a few more degrees with temperatures in the mid 60s in the north bay. that's all this next system is going to do for us, rain off to the north. wednesday, thursday, friday, we'll see temperatures warming up, upper 60s, maybe 70s as early as thursday. friday looks to be the warmest day. and next weekend, a few extra clouds and a chance of rain next
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sunday. for this time of year, late february into march, we should see more rain and snow. just not seeing it in the forecast. >> all right, rob. thanks. >> looking forward to the sun. henry is up next with sports. you can't move the tv there.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. baseball players have had plenty of batting practice, team pictures and other odds and ends. but those are the easy parts of spring training. those days are gone as the a's and giants are back to playing other teams. out to the cactus state for the cactus league baseball. giants opening up spring training against the angels. fourth inning, giants down one. pablo sandoval with the rbi single to right center. pagan scores. then jackson williams laces a double. pablo's rolling around the bases. giants win 4-1. bruce boechi. >> first game, it was a good ball game. our guys played well. you start this early on the 23rd and you think they're going to
11:22 pm
make a lot of mistakes, but i thought they played well, did some little things, pitching was good. good first day. >> over to the a's. ryan braun takes chavez to the deepest part of the park, solo shot to center field. bottom of the second, weeks flashing the leather. starts the double play. but the brewers top the a's 2-1. sharks taking on the stars. third period, sharks down 2-0. joe thorton directs traffic on the face-off and finds patrick marleau for the goal. interference, i don't believe it. sharks lose 3-1. they have lost 9 of 10.
11:23 pm
and don't forget, terry and diane, tomorrow the daytona 500. danica patrick on the poll. should be a very good race. >> can't wait. >> we'll be right back with some action on the field you didn't expect to see at a baseball game. >> more like a wrestling match.
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the college baseball season is barely under way, and already there's been quite a fight. uc riverside was playing at sacramento yesterday. the brawl broke out after a race runner was tagged out and gave him a little shove. soon the players cleared the benches and were on the field in a major brawl.
11:26 pm
two riverside players and one sacramento player were ejected and will be suspended for four games. >> it was more than your usual brawl. >> thanks for joining us for nbc nbc bay area news. >> "saturday night live" is up next. have a great night.
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hallelujah♪ ♪ to our king sleep in heavenly peace ♪ ♪ sleep in heavenly peace >> live from new york it's saturday night. [ applause ] >> announcer: it's "saturday night live"! with fred armisen. vanessa bayer. bill hader. taran killam.

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